Scientific review

Our experts have many years of reviewing experience in different fields; we can evaluate multiple aspects of a paper from a reviewer’s perspective, including, but not limited to, evaluating overall academic quality and providing suggestions for improvement. We also assess your innovation highlights and contribution as well as the influence of your work in your field. We make suggestions for improvements to structure, to title, abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, charts and references. We highlight any possible academic problems and language errors in your paper.

Pre-editing review

Our pre-editing review service is suitable for authors who want to know whether their papers are suitable for further revision and polishing, and whether there is potential for them to be published in English academic journals. We will assign your paper to a professional editor. The editor will score the paper from 1 to 5 in terms of accuracy of expression, readability, logical flow, overall structure, data sufficiency, innovation, and the likelihood of publication in SCI journals. We will then recommend a suitable editing service according to the quality of the manuscript, and make a general evaluation and summary of the manuscript in a Pre-editing Evaluation Report. This service comes with a free duplication detection service; you receive a discount if you order different services together.

Complimentary free check service

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