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Our commitment to you: A professional, honest, win-win relationship. Working with us is sure to make your submission more efficient. Publish more easily with TopEdit.

Preliminary evaluation

To help you better understand the quality of your research and manuscript, TopEdit’s PhD-level research experts can evaluate multiple scientific aspects of your manuscript contents and research studies and provide constructive comments.

Academic editing

To improve the language of your manuscript and increase the possibility of being accepted by a leading international journal, TopEdit’s experienced native English speaking editors can provide four levels of professional polishing and editing.

Plagiarism detection and prevention

To protect you from plagiarism risks, TopEdit, as the authorized partner of Turnitin in China, can provide reliable and accurate text similarity detection service powered by iThenticate and offer professional academic rewriting.

Publication support

To fulfill your unique demands of publication, TopEdit’s professional editors can support you through journal recommendation, manuscript formatting, cover letter drafting, assisted response to reviewer’s comments, abstract summary, etc.

Research promotion

To promote the value and impact of your research, TopEdit’s professional designers can assist you to generate various scientific illustrations, graphical/video abstracts, journal issue covers, conference e-posters, PowerPoint slides, etc.

Personalized consultancy

To boost your efficiency and likelihood of article publication, TopEdit’s academic experts in your specific research area can provide personalized academic guidance and manuscript revision from manuscript preparation to journal publication.

Editorial team

Our editorial team is highly professional and we ensure the highest quality of every edited manuscript. Thoughtful service is our core value at TopEdit. We always work hard to ensure customer satisfaction.

Dr. D. Mrukel
Molecular Biology; Cell Biology; Medical Science

Dr. Mrukel is a senior researcher at the Research Center of the Biomedical Council of the United States and is mainly engaged in research in molecular biology, cell biology, and reproductive medicine. She has published more than 250 papers in SCI journals with high impact factors including Nature Medicine, PNAS, and The FASEB Journal. Her research has been repeatedly commended by the American Society of Andrology and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Dr. Mrukel also serves as an editorial board member of the Molecular Reproduction and Development journal. She joined TopEdit in 2017 and has been working as a full-time editor. Dr. Mrukel has edited 461 articles greatly enhancing publication likelihood. Dr. Mrukels customer satisfaction ratio is 97.8%, amongst the best at TopEdit.

Dr. K. W. Forter
Electrical Engineering;Material Science; Physics

Dr. Forter is a leading figure in physics in the United States and is now retired. In 2017, Dr. Forter joined TopEdit, serving as the chairman of physics for the TopEdit Academic and Advisory Committee as well as an academic editor. Dr. Forter received his PhD from Harvard University and has a number of outstanding academic achievements. He has published ten high-level books and more than 560 scientific papers in top SCI journals, including Nature, PNAS, and the American Journal of Physics. Dr. Forter has received a number of awards including a Prize for General Excellence and was elected as a fellow of the American Physical Society. He has edited and provided academic guidance to over 130 articles, greatly enhancing publication success. Dr. Forters customer satisfaction ratio is 97.9%, amongst the best at TopEdit.

Dr. A. Huntington
Botany; Biogeography; Taxonomy; Plant evolution

Dr. Huntington is mainly engaged in research on plant ecology, taxonomy, and plant evolution. She has published more than 40 papers in leading SCI journals, including Journal of Systematics and Evolution, Taxon, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Dr. Huntington joined TopEdit in 2014, one of our first researchers. So far, she has helped authors to edit 269 articles; your likelihood of publication in SCI journals following her editing and academic review is greatly increased. Her customer satisfaction ratio is 95.9%.

Dr. C. William
Molecular Biology; Genomics; Plant Science

Dr. William is currently an associate professor of life sciences at Clemson University in the United States., mainly engaged in research in molecular biology, genomics, and botany. Dr. William has published more than 30 papers in high-IF SCI journals including Nature Communications, Nature Genetics, and BMC Plant Biology. She was awarded a Clemson University Outstanding Researcher Award and a North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Outstanding Young Professor Award. Dr. William joined TopEdit in 2019 and is one of our full-time editors. She has edited over 120 articles, greatly enhancing their probability of publication following her revisions and academic guidance. Her customer satisfaction ratio is 95.2%.

Our professional editorial team of PhD-level experts will ensure the quality of your manuscript. We also guarantee dedicated one-on-one service. We work hard to ensure customer satisfaction!

Editorial expertise and quality guarantee
  • Specialist experts and quality control team.
  • Extensive access to academic resources at United States universities, colleges, and publishers.
  • Well-established mechanisms for editor selection and quality control.
Easy payment
  • We offer a range of easy payment options.
  • All major Credit Cards, PayPal, and pre-payment options.
  • Online editorial certificate.
  • 100% confidentiality.
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  • All editors sign confidentiality agreements.
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  • Worry-free after-service guarantee.
  • 24-hour customer service.
  • Rapid feedback on manuscripts and unlimited re-editing service.

Customer feedback

Professor Chen
Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Developmental editing

Thank you so much for your wonderful and excellent edits. We have revised some based on your suggestions and notes. We are grateful if you can scan and help check these changes we made.

Doctor Zhang
Fudan University
Deep editing

My friend recommended TopEdit to me, so I contacted the editor with a try. The cooperation was very pleasant, and our manuscript was finally accepted by Scientific Reports. Our group leader decided to establish a long-term partnership with TopEdit thereafter, so that it can be faster and more convenient, and the price is also favorable.

Director Xie
Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center
Deep editing

I am very satisfied with TopEdit that editors can edit the manuscript according to reviewers’ comments, until it is accepted. The customer service is very nice, they can answer my questions anytime via Wechat, very helpful.

Professor Huang
China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

The copyediting of TopEdit is cost-effective based on my experiences of working with TopEdit. They match one editor having similar research background with mine, after editing, the manuscript can be submitted to the journal directly without modification. I can concentrate on my research instead of correcting grammatical errors, and therefore save my time.

Doctor Liu
Shanghai general hospital
Developmental editing

Before TopEdit, I had never used the paper editing service. One of my friends recommend TopEdit to me because of his good experience of using TopEdit service. So far, I am very satisfied with TopEdit. After editing, my paper was accepted by PLOS One. I am really excited because it is my first English paper.

Successful case

Title:Transformation of silver nanoparticles in coagulation processes and subsequent thermal sludge treatments
Journal name:Journal of Cleaner Production
Author:Meixia Fan
IF: 6.395
Title:Dynamic topology of double-stranded telomeric DNA studied by single-molecule manipulation in vitro
Journal name:Nucleic Acids Research
Author:Xiaonong Zhang
IF: 11.147
Title:Genome-wide analyses reveal the role of noncoding variation in complex traits during rice domestication
Journal name:Science Advances
Author:X. M. Zheng
IF: 12.804
Title:tolerance mechanism and accumulation characteristics of Phragmites australis to sulfamethoxazole and ofloxacin
Journal name:Chemosphere
Author:Yao Lv
IF: 5.108