Personalized paper modification service

In order to speed up your article publication process, we provide a personalized paper modification service. We provide you with academic guidance and personalized revision services from specialist experts in your field. This greatly improves your efficiency and the likelihood of publication.

Personalized service covers:

Full support from specialist experts

Article structure adjustment

Logical organization

Overall improvement of content

Language polishing

Journal recommendation

Cover Letter preparation

Assistance in replying to reviewer’s comments

Reply to reviewer's comments

Replying to review comments is the last step before a scientific paper is accepted by a journal. Whether, or not, a manuscript can be satisfactorily revised on the basis of reviewer’s comment is often determined by your submission experience. Our expert team can help you accurately understand the review comments on your manuscript and guide you one-on-one to respond to the review comments.

Statistical data analysis

An important step in scientific research is to discover the specific attributes of complex data and how these support deductions or theories. Our team of experts can provide you with professional and efficient statistical analysis services.


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