About our editing service

Scientific discoveries must ultimately be disseminated via peer-reviewed publications. Articles published in English journals can be more easily understood and cited by colleagues around the world. As English is your second language, this puts you at a disadvantage. Even after studying abroad for years, if you have received no systematic training in writing, your logical thinking and language skills may not be as competitive as your native English counterparts. Journals do not reduce their language requirements because an author’s native language is not English, and journal reviewers may underestimate the significance of your research because of language issues. Therefore, before submission, it is necessary to work with SCI paper editors whose native language is English and who have clear academic credentials and who have long been engaged in article review. Many academic researchers already use editing services to improve the quality of their manuscripts.


This service is for authors who are able to write in English. Colleagues who can write and enhance their own papers but who need expert English proofreading to catch typographic and grammar errors.


For authors who can draft papers in English but will need overall editing of the language before submission, including with grammar and sentence structure.

Line/deep editing

For authors with insufficient English writing experience; this service can improve your accuracy of expression and will make your article logically coherent as well as easy to read and understand.

Developmental editing

For authors will limited writing experience and/or who find academic research writing problematic. This service will comprehensively improve the logical structure and narrative coherence of your article.

Comprehensive editing

For authors who lack experience in writing and article submission, and need the assistance of professional academic editors in writing, organization, submission, and revision of their manuscript.

What you can expect from our services

  • Our editorial team is made up of specialists whose native language is English and who have academic credentials and experience to match your field. Our team has rich experience in language editing, as well as relevant research expertise in your subject area. We select appropriate experts matching your research field. Editors improve the language and expression of your paper, and give your paper a head start as we understand the language style preferred by journal reviewers. All papers are screened by our quality control editors prior to being returned to you.

Quality guarantee

  • Quality guarantee: Manuscripts can be directly submitted to a target journal after editing. If the editor or reviewer of the journal points out specific language problems in the paragraphs we have edited, you can submit the original reviewer’s comments to us, and we will re-edit these questionable segments free of charge.

  • Disclaimer: Manuscripts that have been edited by us can be directly submitted to a journal. If you add or delete something in your revised manuscript or you do not accept the language issues raised by one of our editors, then the language problems that are pointed out by the journal reviewer are not in the scope of our free re-editing.