Confidentiality agreement

1.Security and confidentiality of the paper

TopEdit SCI paper editors adhere to 100% confidentiality. All our employees and editors sign a confidentiality agreement and will never provide any customer information to a third party unless the customer has written authorization. We believe that every paper submitted by the client for revision is a collection of months or even years of hard work and innovation. If the loss of intellectual property rights is caused by information leakage at the last minute, it is the result that neither party wants to see. Therefore, TopEdit has multiple protections for our customers in terms of intellectual property protection in this respect.

2.Systematic professional ethics education supervision

All team members have signed a legally binding "Confidentiality Agreement" to ensure that any information (including personal information and article content) will not be known by a third party. If any of your information (including personal information and article content) is disclosed to a third party by the editor, we will take legal measures in accordance with the signed agreement

3.Website information transmission security

We adopt advanced network security measures (physical measures, access control, data encryption, network isolation, PIX firewall technology, etc.) to ensure the security of article content and data transmission. In addition, we have set up multiple security layers on the server. TopEdite system engineers and network administrators monitor the entire system in real time to ensure network security